Sorry I missed the meeting.

I don't like the odds of predicting what the right areas are to focus
on. My hope for Dojo 2.0 is that we can fix the
packaging/distribution problem in a way that makes us more flexible,
so we don't get stuck with one release of one set of plugins, or tie
our future to decisions we make now. Instead, we can have independent
pieces with independent release cycles, which can thrive or die,
people can use what they need, can do a major revision (3.0) when they
need to, work with other toolkits, etc. That's an oversimplification
of a very difficult problem, but we're in a much better position to do
this now with AMD, github, volo/cpm, etc., and getting that right may
matter more than what we initially release for 2.0.


On Wed, Oct 10, 2012 at 8:33 PM, Rawld Gill wrote:
We had a discussion today at the meeting about this.

Some advocated that Dojo 2.0 should be equally focused throughout the
abstraction spectrum--from boring low-level APIs to awesome high-level APIs.
(+1 from me).

The other viewpoint was that Dojo 2.0 should concentrate on the higher

Some seemed to believe that making the lower-level APIs easy-to-use would
imply a penalty on the high-level APIs and the toolkit as a whole.

Others, find this argument invalid. (+1)

Everybody seemed to agree that *every* API needs to be examined and tuned
carefully going forward with Dojo 2.0. (+1) This statement has big

Iiuc, there were a few that said we don?t have the resources to worry that
the low-level stuff is awesome.

Some argued that Dojo 2.0 should compete with any library that claims to
solve the same problem as some part of Dojo. (+1)

Lastly, I argued in particular that there is no reason we can?t compete with
and win against JQuery?or any of the micro libs. I argued that, on some
level, this is a business and we must be concerned about/grow market share.

For those who were there?correct anything I summarized wrong. Others?these
are important questions that we can?t revisit again for a long, long time.
If you have something to say, now is the time.


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