Ok, we have a different idea of what branches are for. The project
has stubbornly refused to branch for development and has a fear of
branches, in general, that I think has held the project back. Happily,
git's tooling makes branch mangement much easier. I don't think
creating svn branches for committer work or other Dojo projects is of
any consequence, but the mirroring issue between git and svn is
noteworthy and in retrospect a fork would have been more appropriate.
But I'm happy to fork instead, with apologies.

On Thu, Aug 30, 2012 at 3:38 PM, Ben Hockey wrote:

On Aug 30, 2012, at 3:02 PM, Adam L. Peller wrote:

For my own education, was there a problem creating a branch, or is it
only a problem when changes are merged to master? (And can I keep the
branch? I suppose it could have been a fork, but this was convenient
as we are using git submodules)

i can't speak to what effect this has for eugene's script that updates the
mirror but the issue is less about if anything is broken and more about how
the repo is being used. it seems to me that it's an abuse of the repo to
add a branch for your own convenience. if anybody had done this with the
svn repo there would have been great objection to it and it most likely
would not have happened without at least a courtesy mention that it was
going to happen.

this is about ignoring process. you opened
http://bugs.dojotoolkit.org/ticket/15901 and then impatiently went ahead and
added a branch to a repo that you had push access to so that you could have
what you wanted. rather than fork the repo and update your submodule
references you opted for expedience. with little effort you can point your
submodules to another repo and all would have been well.

this branch has no relevance to dojo so i think it should be removed - to
give you some time to rearrange things on your end, maybe you could remove
it once you have something else in place.

if we all started adding branches for the sake of other projects we all work
on we will end up with a mess very quickly. after the accidental commit
from bill, i was already inclined to think that write access should be
heavily restricted to the git repos and now this has pushed me over the


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