As many of you know, through discussions with Peter and others, I've
assumed an interim role as Dojo project lead. I say interim, because
while it will perhaps become permanent, we'll see how realistic this is,
and if there's not someone better for this role in the near future once
we take some time to reassess the project direction and plan.

My first priority over the past two weeks has been to start putting
together a plan for Dojo beyond 1.8, helping refine the team and roles,
and get us moving in a more efficient direction.

I've started this effort through a separate issue tracking system for
planning, so that planning issues don't get lost in a sea of bugs and
project issues. If you don't have access yet and you're a committer,
just visit
if you haven't already. Once you login with your Dojo Foundation
credentials, I can update your permissions. Note that this is not well
organized yet, but I'm still swimming in a sea of information and trying
to not get too overwhelmed too quickly.

It is not intended to replace trac, but instead intended to be a place
to plan out the vision and roadmap for the project, and to document key
decisions. My expectation is that we will move more and more key
decisions out of the mailing list and into something that's documented
with decisions outlined and settled upon, rather than rehashing topics
over and over again with significant information loss.

I've started a very rudimentary document for us to outline key technical
decisions that need to be made at . As mentioned several times,
we're losing a lot of our time revisiting too many decisions without
making and documenting them. For now, I'd like this to be the official
place that this gets done rather than a myriad of Google docs.

Please add questions (resolved or unresolved) to this doc as you think
of them. Please send me any questions or feedback you have.

This letter is actually one of the tasks of the first planning
milestone. We've made a decision on what Dojo 1.9 and 2.0 will be, I'm
working on a visual roadmap so it's easier for the general public to
understand what we're doing, working on documenting key project
decisions (as said above), determining a testing plan for more automated
testing, rethinking the Dojo Foundation Packages Manager UI, general Bug
triage, planning for the reference guide and API Documentation Viewer
fixes that are needed, and finally, probably most important, identify
module owners and team leads. And much more, just look through the
tickets that are open.

I'm a bit behind on my goal of having all of the above done by today,
but mostly because the list keeps growing. At this point, these are my
priorities. If you have a particular area of Dojo you would like to be
more involved in, please let us know at !

I'm planning on sending out state of Dojo emails at least once a month
(maybe twice a month), along with updates on key decisions, etc.

I appreciate your patience and efforts in helping get Dojo back on
track. Please send suggestions, feedback, and more to me, or update the
decision wiki, open tickets, or tell other key people involved with Dojo
to get involved, as we need the help.

Finally, we're also happy to announce that Kitson Kelly and Brian Arnold
are the two newest Dojo Toolkit committers!

- -Dylan

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