contains the summary of a
discussion about the road to Dojo 2.0. After a lot of thoughts on
feedback from the team, here's what I've decided:

* Release 1.8 as planned.
* Then begin work on the 2.0 line.
* Continue making refinements to 1.8 as things in 2.0 are completed and
make good candidates for backporting for a potential 1.9.
* Release 2.0 after a series of preview releases (say 3 or 4 releases, 1
every 2-4 weeks once stable enough)... this allows us time to get the
APIs right.
* Release 1.9, with new features, at a time that seems appropriate, if
at all. This could happen before or after 2.0, depending on how long it
takes to get 2.0 done.
* Don't discourage improvements to the 1.x branch. If there's eventually
a need for 1.10, then allow it to happen. There's no reason to penalize
people that have invested in this code line.

So basically, we need to refocus our efforts on 2.0 once 1.8 is live,
but not forget about 1.x, and still provide a reasonable process for
upgrades to the 1.x code line.

Now, on to figuring out what 2.0 will be ( )...

- -Dylan

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