Heck, you could just rename it to "stress_test.html" and add some content at the top that says "this page will take forever to load because it's parsing 11MB of JSON, the real magic happens when you scroll the grid after it loads". You'd at least know what you're looking at.

But I still am left with two questions:

* Why the hell do you need so much data from the server to show this? Can't you auto-generate it on the client from random sources and still show the API at work?
* What's the point of this page? The grid is so tiny I feel claustrophobic looking at the data and I don't understand how this much data in a grid is ever a good UI unless it's also wired up to a search box that'll filter it.
On Apr 20, 2012, at 4:32 AM, Bill Keese wrote:

I agree, it would be good for both demo and tutorial purposes to use dojo.store.Json connected to an example PHP file, allowing store.Json to page through the data store results, rather than downloading 11MB of data. Presumably the PHP example file would be very small, like 30 lines of code.

It doesn't mean that we are giving up being "server agnostic", or anything like that.

On Fri, Apr 20, 2012 at 1:46 AM, Sasha Firsov wrote:
On 2012-04-19 09:22, Tom Trenka wrote:
In addition, I'd mention that not all front-end devs have control over
how data is being served to them. Do you want a library to dictate to
an enterprise server team how they need to write their code?
:) No need to answer. But as DTK guys we could give reference
implementation to jump start that part.

My proposal would be a bit more proactive on simulation part.
Simulation of XHR is not an issue, and duplicated 100K times JSON string
or XML from JS as well.
This way we are not tight to back-end still able to go over almost
complete chain of delivery.
As a front-end person working with that library, do you think they
even have that option?
You are right. 50% could not. But another 50% would be happy to get
whatever is given. And the reason would be to have DTK "standard"-
compliant solution.
Be great on most popular (PHP, jsp, asp).

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