On Sat, Mar 10, 2012 at 11:43 AM, Kitson Kelly wrote:

Reading up it does seem that .defineProperty is not fully shimable, which
means we probably shouldn't do it, although, I could create something close
and name it something different, like .defineAttribute().
My hope is that we wouldn't have to shim it, depending on our definition of
browser support in Dojo 2.0, methods like Object.create and .defineProperty
may be safe to use.

The only thing if there was more implied by Adam or Ben on what
could/needed to be done to leverage .defineAttribute, like to "scan" the
object for custom getters/setters and .defineProperty them so if they are
accessed directly, they leverage the accessors (a potentially "cool"
feature, but doing auto-magic things that may encourage crap end developer
Well, for starters, there would be no more get() or set(), just direct
property access.

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