On Feb 3, 2012, at 8:13 PM, Dylan Schiemann wrote:

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I call bs on the whole topic of not having Dojo as a dependency for DOH.

That's because we're fundamentally testing JavaScript with JavaScript.
Saying that we should replicate code and maintain that in order to have
no dependencies just means we'll have cruft in DOH. DOH was getting out
of date and we have limited resources.
So let me ask an impolitic question: what "maintainance" of that code was ever necessary? Seriously, we're talking about a couple of pages of loop/mixin functions here. All of the optional includes (which I don't mind, BTW, so long as they have non-depending equivs).

Citing "out of date" and "limited resources" for a system that was working without any changes required is, at best, misdirection.
I do agree that we should not be testing the same version, and should
make sure our test system works, but I think we're being silly because
unless we're going to test Dojo in something written that's not JS,
we're missing the point.
I don't see the point. Writing a harness in C++ directly into V8 is totally doable (or in Java from Rhino), but they'll have the potential for polluting the environment too (although they might have some nice properties WRT async tests). But I wouldn't dream of using V8 to test V8, or Rhino to test Rhino.

Anyway, if there were a second copy of dojo.js checked in which DOH were using, most of my objections would be moot. We agree on that much.

- -Dylan

on 2/3/12 12:05 PM (GMT-07:00) Tom Trenka said the following:
I have no doubt that C compiler should be written in C and one of "eat
your own dogfoot" concept.
Same with DOH. It should be feature-sufficient. If UI is part of it, it
should be reused from one of reliable sources, DTK in this case.
The goal of DOH is test, not support and development for UI stuff. Those
must to be reused from 3-rd party. Not cloned and integrated but

And yes, self-testing of own UI and other internal modules must be
requirement for DOH.

There is a big, big difference between writing a compiler for C and
creating a unit-testing framework for an interpreted language.
Feature-sufficient, yes. Reuse, no--unless you are describing
something that takes data from said unit-testing and displays it in an
informative way.


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