On Jan 2, 2012, at 2:02 AM, Kitson Kelly wrote:
On 2 January 2012 02:56, Adam L. Peller wrote:
Yes, I agree there's a trade-off, but I don't think we can continue to force everyone down the exact same path for infrastructure and expect the community to thrive.
Isn't that the selling point of Dojo? We were pretty freaked out when we realized that we had documentation in several different places.

It looks to me that everything is moving to GitHub, so as a Dojo consumer, I would expect this is where I would find the code, the instructions/documentation, and bug tracking. I think the offsite docs are acceptable because they would be (and are) so much more robust than what is on GitHub (unless GitHub ups the ante I would guess). I think Trac *could* be acceptable, but if I'm browsing the code in GitHub and have to go somewhere else to file the bug, that's already becoming to be a disconnect.

Therefore, I would expect official Dojo extensions to:
Be in GitHub
Have a one page doc, in the form of a readme, on GitHub
Have all of it's issue tracked on GitHub
While they could possibly have more documentation on Dojo Campus, I don't see the need for that for small projects
If these points were not the case, what would be the exception? Something is hosted in an Hg repo somewhere? I would have to learn and install Hg to get it?


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