I'm trying to wade through some company red-tape for the svgweb version
that's in Dojo and have hit some speed bumps.
The dojox/gfx/tests/svgweb/README mentions "7/4/2010 r1205" but
dojox/gfx/tests/svgweb/svgweb/src/svg.js is post-dated July 11, 2010.
I'm also not sure from where this was downloaded. When I query all
published versions via:

then nothing shows up for July 2010. I'm wondering if we should replace
the current version in dojox with the latest published version (Feb 3,
2011) (for 1.7.1?).
Getting a nightly version might be a little too bleeding-edge. Opinions?
Are there tests that need to be run to make sure there aren't any migration
Any volunteers (Eugene?) to handle this so I don't get the chance to screw
it up at the 11th hour?

- Doug
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