I just fixed a fairly tricky bug in the loader backcompat when loading built,
legacy, apps. (Adam found the problem last week in the maqetta project.) You
can read all about it here:


Anybody building apps that have lots of legacy modules should give them a try.


more, inline, below
On Monday, October 17, 2011 03:10:46 PM Adam Peller wrote:
So we're currently at 4 bugs on the hotlist:
http://tinyurl.com/6kaqy6a and I'm aware of one loader issue which
rawld will soon file a ticket and patch for -- I don't understand the
details, but it kept my large-ish legacy app from running, so I'd
argue for an rc2 for that alone as it might impact others.

There are 4 other tickets on the hotlist. If we're going to do an
rc2, it would be good to do ASAP.

#14019 The 1.7 docscripts does not generate the doc for properties

Is there a solution or patch pending? What is the impact and timing?

#12451 Event handling improvements

I believe this should be closed. If there are any new issues, they
should be filed as new tickets.

#13957 Doh selfTest problem

Rhino test issue. Ben has a patch ready to go. If there's an rc2,
might as well apply it, once reviewed by Kris? Does anyone know how
to get the Dojo core Rhino DOH tests to run?

#14064 CLDR data regression on 1.7

I can look into this later tonight.
Also an issue with Rhino support. I could integrate this with an
rc2 with relatively low-risk, but I'm also ok if people think it
should wait until 1.7.1. I created a 1.7.1 milestone in trac for

Anything else?

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