Thanks; this is the kind of comprehensive list I think many of us have
been looking for. A couple of small notes/observations...well, just
one. Please keep in mind that some of us may be on vacation and don't
have the cycles in the immediate week to revisit AMD conversions; it
is the middle of August, during which many people take vacations.
Personally speaking, I will be back in full on Aug 23, and it's pretty
unlikely I will be able to do any conversions before then. I seem to
remember Rawld saying something similar at last week's meeting as

When I am back and paying attention (as opposed to checking email once
in a blue moon), I will be happy to work on getting this done ASAP.
Please just don't count that as abandoned projects just yet. Given
the way 1.7 has developed, I think having an actual stable base +
Dijit will be enough to get the projects people are interested in
maintaining will be a huge help.

Thank you for kicking ass and taking names!
-- Tom
On Sun, Aug 14, 2011 at 11:32 PM, Bill Keese wrote:
This is a plea to all the dojox owners to retest and fix your dojox
packages that have been converted to AMD format, now that the dojo and
dijit module return values have stabilized. ? If you need help, please
write back here. ? Also, write back here just to say if you are
working on a package, or if you aren't maintaining your package

Some recent changes that may break your code (assuming that you've
converted your code to AMD format) are:

1. NodeList
Need to explicitly require dojo/Nodelist-dom if you are calling stuff
like query(...).style(...)

2. dom-* separation of getters/seters
None of these methods exist:
? - domAttr.attr()
? -
? - domGeometry.marginBox()
? - domGeometry.contentBox()

They've been replaced with getters and setters.

3. dojo variable
Don't depend on any module other than kernel.js returning a pointer to dojo.

4. missing dependency on dojo/_base/declare

5. dijit/_base/manager
If you are using dijit.byId, dijit.byNode etc.,?require
dijit/_base/manager. ? Better yet, require dijit/registry.

Some other changes that should be done, but won't break your code
immediately are:

6. multiversion
Use syntax like

var gfx = lang.getObject("dojox.gfx", true)

rather than

var gfx = lang.getObject("gfx", true, dojox)

7. API doc
Make sure API doc is generating correctly, by looking at your package
files in util/docscripts/preview.php. ? You need helpers like:

_Widget = dijit._Widget
gfx = dojox.gfx

for any variables used in declare() inheritance lists, or used to
define output from that module, for example: = function(){
? // summary: ...

declare("", [_Widget], ...)
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