Hey all,

The new site brings a lot of people into our quickstart guide from the main page, and right now that's not a great exemplar of how simple it is to get going with Dojo. In light of this, I'd like to propose a new direction for the quickstart guide that's more in line with how the new site talks about "dojo.js" inclusion from a CDN vs. the SDK version.

Briefly, then, I'd like for the main quickstart page to start with a tiny example that pulls Dojo from the CDN, uses dojo.query() to manipulate a document and dojo.xhr to talk to a server, perhaps using .connect() on a query to set up an animation or something. I think this is what should be linked to from the make "Quick Start Guide" link on the docs page.

It also feels natural for there to be separate "SDK quickstart" and "Dijit quickstart" pages, each of which covers small examples of how to get productive quickly under each use-case, with both linked prominently in the "Popular Solutions" area of the docs page.

What does everyone think? And what's the best way to begin this change?

Alex Russell
slightlyoff at google.com
alex at dojotoolkit.org BE03 E88D EABB 2116 CC49 8259 CF78 E242 59C3 9723

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