[Sorry for posting twice, but I inadvertently made my first post part
of another thread.]

Hi, I'm Mignon -- I work with Brian Skinner on the OpenRecord project.

I've been trying to use the build system to make an OpenRecord build.
I was able to make it work, but only by removing all the dojo.require
statements from the final compressed file. I think they're causing a
problem only because we have (a lot of) circular dependencies, but
since all dojo.requireAfterIf and dojo.requireAfter statements are
already deleted by build.xml, I'm wondering if there's any reason not
to delete the dojo.require statements at the same time (that is, just
after all the needed files are concatenated).

I was hesitant to ask this, for fear that there's some blatantly
obvious reason why the dojo.require's should stay in, but since it
works for me without them, and other people might someday have the same
problem, I decided to go ahead.


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