On 15/05/2015 11:25, Robert Samuel Newson wrote:

Based on past failures, we (couchdb PMC) prefer to transfer to an
individual within the PMC first, who then transfer it to ASF infra.
We had extraordinary difficulty getting couchapp.org transferred as
the transfer codes would expire before ASF infra had time to act.
The issues with the couchapp.org transfer were with the transferring end
(failing to approve the transfer in a timely manner, WHOIS record
issues) not with ASF infra.

I'll repeat. This needs to be transferred to the ASF (via infra) not to
an individual.

The couchdb PMC needs to open a Jira ticket for the transfer (so Infra
knows the couchdb PMC wants to accept this transfer) and the current
owner needs to e-mail the transfer codes to root@apache.org updating the
Jira ticket when that is done.



On 14 May 2015, at 22:32, Mark Thomas wrote:
On 14/05/2015 21:56, Mike Broberg wrote:
Hello, community-- In recent weeks, I have been working with IBM
lawyers to transfer the replication.io domain to the ASF. The
effort is progressing in the right direction. I should have an
agreement to present to you all later next week.

I believe Benjamin Young registered this domain while he was
still employed at Cloudant. Benjamin departed, and the domain was
transferred to IBM at some point during the acquisition process.
Sorry this has slipped through the cracks.

I'm assuming transferring the domain to someone on the PMC is the
right thing to do. In this case, I have picked Joan, but if there
is some other person (or entity) at the ASF that should be
involved, please let me know. (Copying trademarks@ for this

More from me on replication.io soon. Thank you. --Mike

Thanks for getting in touch. This needs to be transferred to the
ASF rather than an individual. The infrastructure team handles
this. You can open a Jira ticket against the INFRA component for


Mark (wearing his branding and infrastructure hats)

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