Hi all,

I am deploying cf-153 using BOSH. I meet a trouble that go_router can't
receive register information that is sent from cc_ng.

First of all, I have all jobs running after deploying.

Suppose I have a dns server that can resolve the cc_ng's domain --

when I try to `curl api.cf.test`, I get the `504 Gateway Time-out `, then I
realized that I have forgotten to configure the dns nameserver in the
instance booted by BOSH. After configuring the dns nameserver in every
instance and restarting the job `router` and `cc_ng`. I find I still get
`504 Gateway Time-out`.

However, I can get good information if I type `curl <cc_ng_ip>:9022/info`.
It shows that cc_ng works well.

In fact, when inside go_router, I can `ping` cc_ng's domain(api.cf.test),
but fail to use `curl api.cf.test:9022/info`. It shows that go_router can't
receive register information that is sent from cc_ng.

When I see the log produced by cc_ng, it says:
{"timestamp":1394611994.636654,"message":"Sending registration:
{:host=>\"\", :port=>9022, :uris=>[\"api.cf.test\"],
:tags=>{:component=>\"CloudController\"}, :index=>0,

So, I have no idea why go_router ignore the register information sent by
cc_ng? BTW, how can I restart all jobs without recreating instances using
bosh command as I find a bit annoying to ssh into eachinstance and type
`monit restart all`.

Best Regards,
Du Jun

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