I'm really close to having a fully functional Loggregator client in Java
for both emitting logs as well as reading logs over Web Sockets.

There a few things that are bugging me so I thought I'd provide some

- I'm not very fond of the DIY padding. PKCS#7 is really really easy to
implement (since Go doesn't appear to support it.) Why not go with this
standard padding mechanism? Regardless, it works but it was a pain to
figure out and reimplement.
- The signature in the LogEnvelope only covers the LogMessage's message
field and not the entire LogMessage. This probably isn't a huge problem
since it would still be rather difficult to intercept a LogEnvelope but if
you did, you could emit the same message to any application masquerading as
coming from any source. It seems more secure, to apply the digital
signature to the entire LogMessage but again, not a big deal.
- The nonsecond time resolution in the timestamp seems a little over the
top but I don't anticipate being around on April 11, 2262 when it overflows
so I'm not too concerned. :)

I'll post a link to my client once it's ready.



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