My initial plan was to go for an open-source and free version.
Capabilities that cost money will be available maybe as
plugins/extensions of some sort. Once it's up on github (soon, I
promise!) then the community can build up on that, and companies can
fork and create versions with subscription services.

I like the look of all of these. I'll let you know when it's up so you
can contribute! ;-)
David Laing 7 August 2013 13:43

Its my team that is working on cityindex/logsearch-development-flow
<https://github.com/cityindex/logsearch-development-flow>, and I think
it would make a great basis for a CF dashboard.

1. Logstash works *really* well as an agent fetching log events from
somewhere; parsing them; and feeding them into another system for
indexing. Look at using logstash as the basis for your worker agent.
2. ElasticSearch is actually a JSON database + powerful searching
with a nice REST interface. So, it both stores and indexes whatever
JSON you feed it. And it scales fantastically - we're currently
indexing 50,000 log events / minute within 15sec of the logs getting
written with almost zero server load.
3. Kibana 3 is a collection of AngularJS widgets backed by data
fetched via REST calls (to ElasticSearch). It would be easy to
integrate extra panels; although if you got your data into
ElasticSearch correctly I'd imagine you wouldn't need to write much
extra - see http://goo.gl/uDlyFc for a few examples of the kind of
dashboards you can create. (I have no idea why it insists on starting
on slide 4!)


On Wednesday, 7 August 2013, Jamie van Dyke wrote:

David Laing
Open source @ City Index - github.com/cityindex
Twitter: @davidlaing
*Jamie van Dyke*: Chief Science Officer at PharmMD Inc.
phone: 615-713-2020 <callto:415-526-2339>
web: www.pharmmd.com <http://www.pharmmd.com>
twitter: @fearoffish <http://twitter.com/fearoffish>

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