Nice initiative. A podcast would be also very interesting.
On Thursday, July 11, 2013 4:11:11 PM UTC+2, Andy Piper wrote:

Hi folks

Prompted by someone asking me "so... what's happening with Cloud Foundry
lately?", yesterday I put together a new site:

----> http://www.thisweekincf.com/

The idea of this is to be analogous to other "this week in..." roundups
like Josh Long's This Week in Spring - collecting together links to useful
articles, discussions, upcoming events, new code releases, and tips, into a
convenient and consumable format. This is intended to be community and
technology focused, not a rehash of any corporate announcements (though we
may link to them when they are really relevant). Basically... we watch the
internetz, so you don't have to! :-)

I tend to lurk here on vcap-dev and I'll cherry pick useful discussions
and announcements, but in case I miss things - or if you have specific cool
projects that you don't want us to miss - either tweet about it with the
#cloudfoundry hashtag that I also keep an eye on, or email
news@thisweekincf dotcom and that will filter through as well. Aiming to
post Tuesday or Wednesday each week, depending on news volumes and
vacations etc!

Don't worry too much about the look-and-feel - this was put together
quickly on Octopress yesterday, so the design is work-in-progress and will
be improved!
thisweekincf is running as a Ruby app on run.pivotal.io with a custom

Oh, and while I'm here... Mark has recently posted about the Developer
Hangouts... is there an appetite for a potential podcast for the CF
community, too? No promises, just curious...


Developer Advocate, Cloud Foundry


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