As can be seen here <https://github.com/cloudfoundry/cf-services-contrib-release/tree/master/src/services/elasticsearch>Elasticsearch
is a service.
CloudFoundry in my opinion is for running apps. Which is your special code
which is different from my special code.
A service is a dependency is shareable. My elasticsearch is similar to your
elasticearch (apart from the data in it).

On Tuesday, July 9, 2013 5:45:54 AM UTC+2, hmalp...@gmail.com wrote:

I have been trying to run Elasticsearch - a java search engine and
database - on run.pivotal.io for the last couple of weeks.

Support's answer to the current blocker was in fact that I'd be better off
running it on a IaaS because it is a data-service; not an application:


Is this a definitive answer?

Elasticsearch was very close to being good enough on Cloud Foundry for my
- Small datasets
- Not highly available,
- S3 backups that are real-time enough; we did get to a few million
records and it survives restarts.
- a handful of tenants per installation: no big deal if it fails.

In fact when I move to running ES on EC2 I have to support a big cluster
for many tenants: now it must not fail.

The line between app and data-service is grey.
Take docker.io's examples: python, nodejs, redis, sshd, couchdb;

So where do we draw the line?



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