We actually already have this for several releases we deploy for CF
(cf-release, cf-services-release):

So if want to wire up the contrib repo to also symlink against at least
those shared packages, like cf-release does, please do.

On Fri, Jun 28, 2013 at 2:51 AM, wrote:

Thanks for the clear summary of the changes.

What will be the workflow for *shared* *packages*?
For example the ruby package is the same for cf-release,
cf-services-release and cf-services-contrib-release.
Other candidates are "common", "syslog_aggregator", "sqlite". There are
probably more.

I have done work on vblob, memcached and elasticsearch (not yet pushed) in
Will merge those changes back in cf-services-contrib-release when I have
my environment up and running again with these 3 releases.
After this I think the cf-services repos in cloudfoundry-community can be

On Friday, June 28, 2013 1:49:03 AM UTC+2, David Stevenson wrote:

In an effort to better separate services from the core of CF, we're
moving all the provisionable CloudFoundry services out of the cf-release
repository. We've also combined the src and release repositories together
for services, so that we can more easily accept pull requests.

Certain jobs and packages, like postgres, will also stay in cf-release
(because a database is required to run CloudController and UAA), but
everything else has been moved into 1 of 2 locations:

1. *cf-services-release *for services written by the core
cloudfoundry team that are being actively maintained by Pivotal. These are
services that we expect to be passing unit & integration tests, deployable,
and provisionable. Currently this list includes *mysql, mysql-rds, *
and *postgresql*. These services should (shortly) work
out-of-the-box when you bootstrap a developer deployment on AWS, and
likewise when support bootstrapping a developer deployment on other
platforms (except the RDS service of course).
2. *cf-services-contrib-release *fo**r legacy and community-supported
services. There are interesting and ambitious ideas in this repo, but we
don't know if they work. We hope people use these services either directly
or as examples for implementing future services. Maintaing this list can
get tricky, so if you'd like to have push access to this repo, please let
me, Kushmeric, or Dr. Nic know and we'll likely add you.

There are also related changes to the following repos:

1. *vcap-services *is empty and deprecated. The source code for each
service has been moved into the various *-release repos.
2. *cf-services-contrib *is empty and deprecated. The source has
been moved into cf-services-contrib-release.
3. *cf-release *is much smaller, and only contains jobs and packages
for the core/runtime of CF.

The intended workflow is that CF deployers should create a release +
deployment for CF Runtime out of *cf-release*, and optionally another
release + deployment for CF services out of cf-services-release. And then
perhaps an additional release & deployment for cf-services-contrib-release,
if desired. BOSH manifest authors can also make use of "compound releases"
to combine multiple releases in a single deployment, but we are no longer
supporting deploying Runtime + Services as a single release.

I think this change will promote logical separation of the services part
of CF and make it easier for people to work with services, and we'd love to
hear your feedback.

-David Stevenson
Director of Engineering, CF Services

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