Would indeed be really helpful. It was a nightmare to find a working
combination for services and vcap-services-base for example.

On Wednesday, June 26, 2013 2:12:34 AM UTC+2, Dr Nic Williams wrote:

Here is a snippet from the Gemfile of vcap-services-base

gem 'vcap_common', :require => ['vcap/common', 'vcap/component'], :git
=> 'git://github.com/cloudfoundry/vcap-common.git', :ref => '635f60e92f54'
gem 'vcap_logging', :require => ['vcap/logging'], :git => 'git://
github.com/cloudfoundry/common.git', :ref => 'b96ec1192d'
gem 'warden-client', :require => ['warden/client'], :git => 'git://
github.com/cloudfoundry/warden.git', :ref => 'fe6cb51'
gem 'warden-protocol', :require => ['warden/protocol'], :git => 'git://
github.com/cloudfoundry/warden.git', :ref => 'fe6cb51'

Whilst I've been distracted for 6 mths arguing and screaming for
cf-release final releases, at the same time it seems we've not been doing
basic (gem) versioning of each component.

We've had issues recently where there have been absolute sha1 matching
requirements of vcap-common between components. This is an extreme of a
problem as I see it and perhaps others do too: the separate projects don't
document or promise public APIs; and hence don't use changes in
major.minor.patch versioning (see http://semver.org/) to communicate
simply the commitment or breaking of these API promises.

Can we please move towards removing all sha1s from Gemfiles; and move to

* independent projects with explicit gem releases that bump
major.minor.patch as per semver
* dependencies express their basic requirements via ~> 1.2.3 (any patch),
or ~> 1.2 (any minor)
* changelogs in each project stating what has changed (especially with
respect to the public API of the project - be it a library, a HTTP service,
a NATS client, etc)

Protip: Developers can use the following whilst developing multiple
projects together:

gem "xyz", path: "/local/path/xyz"

Are the core team familiar with cutting releases of projects (such as
rubygems), updating changelogs, appropriate x.y.z version bumping etc?
http://semver.org/ is a great resource I think.

Can we start moving towards removing the absolute sha1 coupling between
projects please?


Dr Nic Williams
Stark & Wayne LLC - consultancy for Cloud Foundry users
cell +1 (415) 860-2185
twitter @drnic


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