Thanks for sharing this information. Will V3 be backward compatible with V2?
On Saturday, June 22, 2013 6:39:19 PM UTC+2, David Stevenson wrote:

I'm sorry that there hasn't been a lot of communication from the
CF-services team about our actions and plans. Here's a quick summary of
what we've doing doing for the last few months:

1. Built an *RDS-mysql* service, for people deploying an AWS, which
allows end-users to provision shared slices of an RDS database. This gives
you all the advantages of RDS like automatic snapshots and automatic
failover, and is an inexpensive way to provide a lot of high-tenancy
development database or a small number of low-tenancy production databases
(with HA and provisioned IOPS, of course).

2. Launched a gateway to provision services through our 3rd party
service-aggregator, *AppDirect*. You can see this running when you visit
http://run.pivotal.io, and it will allow us to grow the catalog of our
public AWS cloud indefinitely, while letting other vendors provide the
services that they understand how to run well on amazon EC2. We found that
running services on AWS is a difficult challenge, due to performance and
reliability issues, and were happy to let others tackle those problems.
Because this was a B2B relationship between us and AppDirect to provide
paid services, we kept this gateway closed-source, but would gladly make
the introduction and discuss providing our gateway to people also
interested in providing those 3rd party services.

3. Started a new implementation of *Service Connector*, which lets you
add existing instances of external services directly to your CF space (like
your massive Oracle Database). We're not taking the same approach as the
old "service_broker", instead we are providing CloudController APIs to
directly inject the service credentials into CCDB. You can then interact
with them as if they were an existing service instance (binding, unbinding,
deleting), but they'll never appear in the service catalog.

We've also been starting to put some time into *documenting the existing
API* between CC and a service Gateway, to help people write new services.
And we're designing the *next version of this API* to be unidirectional,
so a gateway can run entirely on its own or be used by CloudController.
It's also likely that we're going to re-write 1 relational DB service to
use this new API and be "enterprise grade" (things like HA features).

Expect to see some documentation of the existing V2 API soon, and some
discussions about a V3 services API. Thanks for your patience,

-David Stevenson
Director of Engineering, Cloud Foundry Services


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