On the monitoring side I had thought of creating a drop-in
syslog-aggregator replacement from
Looks like the only thing that needs to be done is writhing cloudfoundry
specific log filters. Because logstash is syslog compatible.

Just some thoughts for what could be possible.
Next If logstash is setup this could be used to send metrics to
graphite/StatD. (don't think there is a bosh-release for it already).
Maybe http://codeascraft.com/2013/06/11/introducing-kale/ could be used to
detect anomalies in those metrics.
Next create a nice dashboard from the metrics and stuff
with http://shopify.github.io/dashing/.

But I think the first step is setting up logstash with kibana
(http://demo.logstash.net) for easy debugging.

On Monday, June 17, 2013 10:29:17 PM UTC+2, Adron Hall wrote:

...if anybody wants to collect notes, sling some code, research or
otherwise jump into any of these efforts - or if you're already working on
any of these things. Please let me know, I'd love to help, work together,
share notes... yadda yadda blah blah etc., etc....

- Working to get Bosh to launch Riak and also be able to manage Riak
through the lifecycle that Bosh is used for. i.e. just like the rest of the
- Get a reliable way to add, remove and scale Riak via Bosh or via
Cloud Foundry. *Working from Dr Nic & Brian McClain's work on this.*
- Get a way for the Cloud Foundry ecosystem to understand and manage
distributed databases from Cloud Foundry (vs. autonomously such as how
Cassandra and others are done at the moment, it'd be nice to just scale a
distributed system just like the distributed nature of the DEAs etc).
- Add to the documentation material at http://docs.cloudfoundry.com/.
- Add the related documentation to the other sources at
http://docs.basho.com/ and other distributed systems that would
prospectively be added.
- Build apps that run on Cloud Foundry and use actual distributed
databases as their data store. i.e. find effective ways to make the
interaction between these systems as it currently is to use Postgresql or
mysql and whatever stack on the app side w/ Cloud Foundry Apps & Services.
- Keep everything straight in my head somehow, maybe, miraculously. ;)
- Also will be helping org work around the Iron Foundry effort too to
get Cloud Foundry to run all those Windowsy bits like .NET, SQL Server,
Service Bus and the other things from the Microsoft Camp. Keeping Cloud
Foundry the most interoperable PaaS System in existence!
- Creating monitoring and log tracking tools (using distributed
systems) to monitor, manage and track performance and resources within the
Cloud Foundry system on a massive scale.

-Adron Hall @adron <http://twitter.com>


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