Hii Brian,
"bundle package" won't help you here, because it only tar's up the gem
files for you, not the native extensions.

On Mon, Sep 24, 2012 at 10:34 AM, Brian McClain wrote:

Hi all,

I had a quick question on how CF handles native ruby gems (specifically,
ruby19, but glancing through the code it doesn't look like it matters). In
particular, the do_postgress gem. I attempts to compile the gem, even when
I've done a bundle install and bundle package before pushing my app to
cloudfoundry.com, and errors out complaining about the "postgres.h"
header file missing. I wasn't sure if this was because it was compiled on a
different system than an Ubuntu 10.04 machine, so I tried doing the same
from a 10.04.4 machine and pushed it up, but it still attempts to install
and compile the gem. I've tried this pushing it up as both the Rack
application that is is, and as a standalone app as well.

Is there any way skip the bundle install step?



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