Hi dude,

I don't how to explain, but I'll try it.

Try to see VCAP as an application instance manager, you use it to alloc an
amout of RAM, HD Space, domain name, etc, for them. But VCAP needs a
infrastructure to run over it. This structure needs to be maintained, and
here comes the BOSH purpose.

BOSH is an Infra Structure manager that runs your IaaS, using stemcells to
keep all working. Stemcells are like a clonable image, that BOSH uses to
expand your structure as fast as possible, without hassles. It's just a
command, and the magic happens.

So, BOSH is developed over the CPI (Cloud Provider Interface) provided by
OpenStack, vSphere and EC2 to manage all the stemcells and do a job similar
to the Chef and Puppet provisioning all the environment's dependencies.

When we talk that BOSH makes the CloudFoundry release, is because you can
specify that CF is an dependency of your environment, so it will use all
the package that VCAP is composed and install them for you, and raise all
the processes with monit just when the installation finishes.

VCAP = app instance manager
BOSH = IaaS manager

VCAP can runs over the BOSH provisioned IaaS.

If I said something wrong please, let me know it. My english is ugly and
I'm learning about BOSH and VCAP too.

Best Regards.
Robson Mendonça
Técnico em Análise e Programação Senior
T&T Engenheiros Associados Ltda. <http://tet.com.br>

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