I'm planning to implement cluster version of some services gateway/
node (especially the first target would be mongodb). Our basic
requirements are:

A. replica set (in mongodb's term) support via plan config
B. support add/delete instances for cluster instance.

As for these requirements, does dev team have any direction for

I suppose following two types of topologies.

A. gateway <-> node <-> cluster manager <--> [instance, instance,
instance, ...]

B. gateway <-> node <-> [instance, instance, ...]
node <-> [instance, instance, ...]
node <-> [instance, instance, ...]

As for A, the cluster management is out of scope for vcap-serviece
implementation, just it should proxy provisioning request to outside
CF. This case would be easy to be applied for some management API
friendly products (I think Couchbase would be the good example). But
the infrastructure deployment (Bosh or something) would be more
difficult to adopt each products.

As for B, the cluster management should be done inside vcap-service
implementation so that cloud controller database (and node local
sqlite3 db) should have cluster info and keep the cluster health and
availabilities. Gateway and node implementation would be more complex
but infrastructure deployment would be the same as the current.

How do you guys think about provisioning the cluster version of
service instances?

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