I'm not seeing a vCD micro bosh stemcell even using the --tags all args. Do
you mean use a vsphere micro bosh stemcell or create my own vCD micro bosh

Thanks again.
On Tuesday, November 13, 2012 12:56:39 PM UTC-5, Martin Englund wrote:


a third option would be to deploy the micro bosh stemcell on vCloud using
a VCD micro bosh stemcell. The micro bosh instance can be configured to
communitcate with AWS, so it can talk to wrapper service and you can use it
to do a deployment.

Otherwise I'd pick #2 as it is faster to get up and running...

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On Nov 13, 2012, at 9:04, Shane Witbeck wrote:

I'm working on a service whose goal is to provide a REST/Query-based API
for vCloud that is compatible with Amazon EC2 and S3 services. For
example, you can use the EC2 cmd line tools to query and operate on vCloud

I'm putting together a demo which will deploy a sample app to vCloud using

The basic command flow would be something like:

bosh cli --> AWS micro bosh --> wrapper service --> vCloud Director

There are two approaches I'm considering for this:

1. deploy the AWS micro bosh and the wrapper service in the same vCD
where the demo app will be deployed.
2. deploy the AWS micro bosh and the wrapper service in AWS and point
the service to the target vCD.

#1 seems the more natural solution from the BOSH perspective.
#2 I'm not is possible but saves me from creating my own stemcell/OVF
package to upload/install in the vCD.

Due to a very tight deadline, I'm keen to use the most simplistic/fastest
approach even if it's somewhat contrived.

What are your opinions on the two approaches above? Is there a third
approach which would work better?


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