This is really cool Dr. Nic, I'm facing several problems to install bosh
because I'm not so familiar with system administration.
I'm learning a lot with cloud foundry community, and this video gave me
several ideas about how simple and automated could be the bosh installation.

I've tried to install vcap using the vcap_dev_setup with vagrant but, I'm
not so lucky. Nevertheless, you show me that it could be possible.

Very nice! =D

Best regards.
Robson Mendonça
Técnico em Análise e Programação Senior
T&T Engenheiros Associados Ltda. <http://tet.com.br/>

2012/7/17 Jeremy Voorhis <jeremy@appfog.com>
I haven't gotten very far, but I toyed with building a VirtualBox CPI. An
even better idea would be to develop a Warden CPI that could run on a build
server within IaaS, where you can't deploy a hypervisor and don't want to
manage a lab.

Shortening the feedback loop and reducing the initial barrier are Good

Jeremy Voorhis
Sr Engineer, appfog.com

On Tuesday, July 17, 2012 at 12:17 PM, Dr Nic Williams wrote:

I think the experience of developing a BOSH release sucks. As it also
sucks to develop a system stack in any other universe (including such
nicenesses as chef or puppet). You change a piece of config, you need to
redeploy it all into a real environment. You change a start script, you
need to redeploy it all into a real environment. You still need to learn to
configure/run postgresql. You still need to learn Linux.

I needed a way to develop a bosh release faster. Specifically, I need to
be able to fail faster, because when I'm writing a shell script that's
going to run as root to launch a postgres server that's going to run as a
different user, I'm going to fail a lot.

I think a local virtual environment is the best starting point for a
solution. It can be tied to your host machine (your laptop) - file system
sharing and port forwarding - so you can change source/release files,
create a new release, compile/render it, restart processes, and tail log
files all on your local machine.

Here is a quick demo (4 mins instead of the 30 mins in real life) of
"deploying" (package compilation, job template rendering, monit starting
multiple jobs) a bosh release within Vagrant [1]


There are no running parts of BOSH in this demo. No blobstore and no
agent. I'm not sure if this is a good thing or not. But it does re-use the
BOSH source code from the most outer points that I could manage (so its
relatively immune to internal refactorings / API changes).

I'll do another little video to demo how much easier it makes
developing/fixing a release another day.

I guess the point of this video is to show that its possible to take all
the raw ingredients in a BOSH release (blobs, source files, templates,
monit scripts, and deployment manifest properties) and run them in a single
VM without BOSH itself running. The next video will show why this is very

I'll release the scripts/ folder when I figure out how to
distribute/version a bunch of ruby/bash scripts for everyone's different
BOSH releases. For the moment, they are stuck inside my own project. Sorry.

[1] Vagrant http://vagrantup.com/ is a CLI for managing a local virtual
environment. Currently it supports VirtualBox, but I believe work is
underway for desktop VMWare support.


Dr Nic Williams - VP Developer Evangelism

[image: Engine Yard]

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