I quite like the way bosh-bootstrap/bosh-cloudfoundry hand holds you
through the whole process.

Perhaps the rewrite could keep that "overall guidance" mindset, whilst
delegating out to different tools?

On 17 April 2013 12:14, wrote:

When thinking about the ecosystem I see two different use cases:

1. A way to install the tools you need to bootstrap your bosh/cf on
your local machine. Could be using
2. A vagrant box or some other image which includes the stuff you need
to develop your own bosh release. Could for instance include

Other usecases there are for an inception vm are more work around for
things bosh does not can do itself.
Like for uploading releases. (would be more practical if bosh downloaded
it directly) somewhat related to
Also the uploading of and downloading of stemcells would be better handled
by other components.
For example for openstack these stemcells could be directly downloaded to
the image-service (glance) by using glance image-create --copy-from
On Friday, April 12, 2013 5:41:20 PM UTC+2, Dr Nic Williams wrote:

I'm thinking of rewriting bosh-bootstrap. As much as I love the UI of
running the command from a laptop, creating an inception vm, preparing the
vm, and then commanding that VM to do stuff - the code is very awkward, the
passing of data back and forward is awkward, and it doesn't easily
accomodate the new bosh_aws_bootstrap (now called https://github.com/**

Also, many bosh/cf users who do not want to do development will not need
inception VMs in future. Personally I'd like it to be easy for them to get
an inception VM running so they _can_ do development; but its an extra
expense that new people don't care for (I imagine).

So, I was thinking about a bosh-inception tool to boot and/or prepare a
VM to be an inception VM.

Do the pivotal core team already have chef recipes and/or a similar tool?
I know pivotal has some workstation preparation tool - is this what's being
used for bosh/cf development?


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