bosh-bootstrap is a command line tool that you can run on your laptop and
automatically get a microbosh (and an inception VM) deployed on either AWS
or OpenStack.

# Change Log

## v0.6


* Defaults to downloading latest stemcell (rather than stable, which are
getting old now).
* Installs the Cloud Foundry plugin for BOSH


* `tmux` - if you have tmux installed, then you can SSH into inception VM
with it (thx @mrdavidlang)
* started a test suite; its small but growing! (thx @mrdavidlang for
getting it started)

Bug fixes:

* Fog::SSH uses explicit ssh key that was requested to access inception VM

Future thoughts:

* I hate Settingslogic for read-write settings. It's really only a
read-only settings DSL. It puts Ruby classes into the YAML. Probably going
to rip it out.
* I am so sorry I took so long to start writing tests. It always seemed
such a hard thing to write tests for. But bosh-cloudfoundry project has had
good success with internal tests; so we're migrating those ideas into this

Dr Nic Williams
Stark & Wayne LLC - consultancy for Cloud Foundry users
cell +1 (415) 860-2185
twitter @drnic

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