Thanks for answering! So bosh/release directory does no longer matter,right?
I understood that implementing create_stemcell method is needed and here is
the thing.when I run "bosh upload stemcell" the cli will upload stemcell to
the director.Then the local path of the stemcell in director will be passed
to CPI and image template will be uploaded to the IaaS(which openstack and
vsphere CPI do).
But there is a problem in cloudstack.Because cloudstack doesn't support
upload template from local path(only Http path),I should build a local HTTP
server to make it work... It means that the director have to have a local
HTTP server,and pass a HTTP path of the stemcell to CPI. It seems weird
cause i have to add some shell script into CPi :(
Now i'm thinking to do some scripts changes in bosh-release/jobs/director.I
want to prepare the nginx service when the director node is running.I
believe it'll work.
Don't know whether i explain it clearly or not. Any suggestions will
be appreciated. Thx!

在 2012年12月5日星期三UTC+8上午9时40分28秒,Martin Englund写道:

the bosh/release directory is a remnant of how we used to deploy bosh.
You should look in:

Regarding implementing the CPI call create_stemcell:
when you run "bosh upload stemcell" the cli will upload your stemcell
to the director, which then will unpack the tarball and extract a file
called "image" which is what gets passed to the create_stemcell call
(as a path to the file). You need to read that file and do whatever
cloudstack operations to get the image loaded.


On Sun, Dec 2, 2012 at 7:33 PM, Alan Sun < <javascript:>>
Hi all, I've been working on the Cloudstack cpi in the last few days. I
found that in cloudstack i have to upload stemcell with a local HTTP I was trying to build a nginx server when creating a new BOSH vm.
I checked the bosh/release/cookbooks repository then i found now we already
have nginx part. Does it mean that we already have the nginx installed when
creating a BOSH VM? If not , what shall i do to upload a stemcell with local
HTTP server in CPI?

Martin Englund, Staff Engineer, Cloud Foundry, VMware Inc.
"The question is not if you are paranoid, it is if you are paranoid

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