You give me what exactly what i want.That explains what's in that
micro-bosh stemcell and how the self-deployment initialization works.
Here is the thing.I want to create bosh from other IaaS(except aws or
vSphere, say openstack) and the public bosh stemcells don't include the
openstack stemcell(both micro bosh and bosh).Dr Nic have show me how to
create a custom micro-bosh-stemcell,but i have no clue about the
bosh-stemcell.Can i just use public bosh stemcell?
在 2012年11月9日星期五UTC+8上午1时11分00秒,Martin Englund写道:

the micro bosh stemcell is used to bootstrap your bosh environment. It is
what you use to get your initial deployment of bosh going. The micro bosh
stemcell comes pre-loaded with the bosh-release, while a regular stemcell
doesn't have anything pre loaded (except for the bosh agent).

You will upload the stemcell to your deployed micro bosh instance, and
then use it in the deployments you do from there.

You don't have to create your own stemcells (unless you really want to),
just use one we have built:
bosh public stemcells --tags all
bosh download stemcell <stemcell name>

I hope that explains it :)


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On Nov 8, 2012, at 1:22, Alan Sun < <javascript:>> wrote:

Hi guys,I've been focusing on Dr. Nic's tutorial series about how to
create a bosh.According to these meterials,when creating a custom stemcell,
a bosh-release should be created first.So what component is embeded in the
stemcell? A bosh release and bosh agent?
A bosh stemcell is a VM template with an embedded BOSH agent. what's the
difference between micro-bosh-stemcell and bosh-stemcell? I kinda think bosh-release
is not needed to create that.

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