Good morning CM administrators,

    My CDH5.0 cluster has a CM Agent 5.0.0 monitoring services. Looking into
Cloudera Management Service configuration, Service Monitor and Host Monitor
data by default, get created into "/usr/lib/cloudera-service-monitor" and
"/usr/lib/cloudera-host-monitor". In my cluster, especially Service Monitor
Data increased in size at a substantial rate. For example, I'm looking at
3.0 GB of Service Monitor Data created in a week.

    My questions are :

    1 - Do we know what contributes to this much of Service Monitor Data
creation ? How can I manage it, i.e. reduce data creation rate or has auto
purging, especially when my NameNode only has 10 GB local FS space ?

    2 - As a result of having only 10 GB of space allocated NameNode
instance's local FS, I'm considering changing the default folder location
of Service Monitor and Host Monitor data to point to another mount disk,
i.e. "/mnt/cloudera-host-monitor". Will this cause any kind defect(s) on
the cluster ?

    Thank you.


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