Hi All,

I've just finished setting up a small cluster consisting of the following:

     1 single server for the Cloudera manager
     2 servers for the primary and secondary namenodes
     3 servers for the datanodes.

I used the default templates and allowed CM to determine what each node
would be. For the most part it looks like CM chose the correct items per
member. My question is how to tell if the primary namenode has all the
correct services running? This question also applies to the other nodes as
well. Part of my concern is that the Manager is also a datanode is this
correct? Can I have the Clodera manage be just a manager and not a datanode?

The primary namenode has the the following services running:

master (usherlxsnn1)
regionserver (usherlxsnn1)
datanode (usherlxsnn1)
namenode (usherlxsnn1)
gateway (usherlxsnn1)
hivemetastore (usherlxsnn1)
beeswax_server (usherlxsnn1)
hue_server (usherlxsnn1)
impalad (usherlxsnn1)
statestore (usherlxsnn1)
jobtracker (usherlxsnn1)
tasktracker (usherlxsnn1)
activitymonitor (usherlxsnn1)
alertpublisher (usherlxsnn1)
eventserver (usherlxsnn1)
hostmonitor (usherlxsnn1)
servicemonitor (usherlxsnn1)
oozie_server (usherlxsnn1)
sqoop_server (usherlxsnn1)
server (usherlxsnn1)

The secondary namenode has these services:

regionserver (usherlxsnn2)
datanode (usherlxsnn2)
secondarynamenode (usherlxsnn2)
gateway (usherlxsnn2)
impalad (usherlxsnn2)
tasktracker (usherlxsnn2)

The all the datanodes have the following services:

regionserver (usherlxsdn1)
datanode (usherlxsdn1)
gateway (usherlxsdn1)
impalad (usherlxsdn1)
tasktracker (usherlxsdn1)

The manager has the following services:

regionserver (usherlxsmgr1)
datanode (usherlxsmgr1)
gateway (usherlxsmgr1)
impalad (usherlxsmgr1)
tasktracker (usherlxsmgr1)

Tim Washburn

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