Hi team ,

I am new to Hadoop world. I am trying to set up single node cluster on my
laptop. I have installed 2 VMs on my machine. The first one is hosting the
cloudera manager . I am planning to use this instance to access your
cluster, monitor it, configure it, add some nodes, etc. This will be you
main access to your cluster.

The second VM is your first node. This is where all the hadoop related
applications run.As there is only one node at the beginning, all the
roles/applications are running on this single node.

Here are few steps that I followed -

    1. Import the 2 VMs into VirtualBox and start them
    2. Configure the network

The users on the VMs are root and user.

On the node1 VM, login as root and i used command "ifconfig" to get the IP

First, i removed the hosts file using "rm /etc/hosts". And added the hosts
back to the file using "echo 1XX.XXX.1.1 manager >> /etc/hosts" by
replacing 1XX.XXX.1.1 with my manager IP. I did the same thing for node1. "echo
1XX.XXX.1.2 node1 >> /etc/hosts" by replacing again the IP address with the
node1 IP address. And last add localhost "echo 12X.X.X.1 localhost >>

Then I did from manager console, type "ping -c 1 node1". and it said , 0 %
packet loss. Then same thing from node1 ,I typed "ping -c manager". and it
said 0% packet loss.

After that , I used cat /etc/hosts command on node1 and manager VM , it
shows in total three IP addess as follows

1XX.XXX.1.1 manager

1XX.XXX.1.2 node1

12X.X.X.1 localhost

I also see that I connected to user@node1 and root@manager terminals .

Now when I try to start services from firefox icon on manager VM, system
throws following error - "Command aborted because of exception : Command
timed-out after 150 seconds".

Can someone please help with this issue ? It will be of great help


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