What does the Host Inspector say about your versions? You can run it from
the Hosts tab.

After adding the hosts, you need to assign roles to your new hosts. Did you
do that and then restart the cluster?

On Thu, May 23, 2013 at 2:46 PM, Aaron A wrote:

Hi Cloudera support,

Initially, I setup a cluster of 3 nodes(Ubuntu 12.04 LTS, medium) in AWS
EC2 using CM, everything is good like it should be. I updated Parcels to
the latest version of CDH & Impala. After that, both running fine.

when running out of space, I tried to add 3 more hosts with exactly the
same machines I had, using CM "Add new hosts to Cluster" button. I went
through the whole process OK, but got a warning message: "There are
mismatched versions across the system. See details below for details on
which hosts are running what versions of components. " at the end, although
I did not see anything different.

I tried two things after that, but none of them worked.
(1) Tried "Re-run Host Upgrade Wizard", but it seems CM used wrong hosts
name, so upgrades failed. (Instead of either using AWS public or private
DNS names, CM used AWS instance name)
(2) Tried to ignore version difference, so I created a datanode template
and applied to the 3 new hosts. Everything seems fine. The CM "Hosts" shows
6 hosts without any problem. However, when I loaded more data in to Hive on
the original datanodes, the new hosts hdfs are not updated. So I concluded,
the new hosts are not working with the existing cluster at all.

Is that CM issue or mine?


Aaron A


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