I am working with a sandbox setup of four machines. I had previously
installed Free Cloudera Manager 4.5.0 and CDH4.2.0 and all went very

I now have an evaluation key for the full manager package but wanted a
totally clean environment and current S/W to work with so I went to bare
metal installation of CentOS 6.4 (latest minimal download). I also
downloaded today all the CDH4.2.1 packages and the CM4.5.2. Got everything
set and began the installation but it crashed due to a python library
package version. After some investigation I realized that only CentOS 6.2
is supported. This would likely correct the python version mismatch I now

  The problem is that CentOS 6.2 is officially depreciated. All the mirror
sites tell you to use 6.0 or go to the vault “if you really know what
you're doing”.

  What is recommended?

  As a footnote, I ran the free version on 6.4 just fine w/CM4.5.0 &
CDH4.2.0. Even installed it a couple of times to play with the installer
and manually override some of the deployment placements of services. Only
thing I did up front was install perl and remove the java CentOS 6.4 put on
(two of them actually) and install 1.6.31 as recommended. Worked perfect
without any issues.

  Thanks for any suggestions.

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