First, please remember to reply-all to include the scm-users list.

I realized that I had probably misunderstood your original question. I
thought your "system" was referring to the node with CM server. I'm
still a bit confused as to what you're asking. Please verify my

1. Your cluster has CDH4 packages (rpm or deb) installed.
2. You ran the cluster without CM. You configured NN dir, DN dir, etc.
and everything ran fine.
3. Now you just installed CM server on one of the nodes.
4. You want to bring this cluster under CM's management.
5. And you want to preserve your existing data.

If I got it wrong, please point that out. Otherwise, it looks like
you're doing a "path B" installation:

To answer your questions:
* The installation will NOT reformat your existing HDFS. (It will only
format an empty NN dir.)
* If you configure CM to use a new NN dir, it will format that NN dir.
So you should just configure CM to use your existing NN dir and DN
* CM does not know about the services that you'd like to run. You have
to tell it. You do this by "Add Service", or by specifying those
services during the setup flow.
* In general, you should configure the services in CM as similar to
the existing setup as possible.

On Tue, Apr 23, 2013 at 8:12 PM, Anil Kumar wrote:
Hi wong,

Before i installed cdh4 in cluster and start all services its working
fine and now i stopped all the services.

if i install chd4 in the same machines using CM, the before
installation will be impact to this installation ?

what exactly installation will do , it will format all the data in hdfs
and stops the services and create the necessary users and data and will it
be use the same services of before installation.

please clarify on this.


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