Hi all,

I have installed CDH3 in my cluster using Cloudera Manager and found that
the values of certain Hadoop metrics are not quivalent to the
"hdfs-default.xml" & "mapred-default.xml" (i.e., they are not equivalent to
the default values given by "hdfs-default.xaml" & "mapred-default.xml")

Following are some of the metrics along with their values (installed from
Cloudera Manager):

dfs.block.size = 128MB (default should be 64MB)
mapred.child.java.opts = 474.22MB (default should be 200MB)
io.sort.mb = 118MB (default should be 100MB)
mapred.reduce.parallel.copies = 10 (default should be 5)

Above are some of the properties which I found different that what it
should be as the default value.

My question is that how & why Cloudera Manager configures the default
cluster. Why these values are different when Hadoop is installed using
Cloudera Manager.
Will these values differ if I install CDH3 using Cloudera Manager in some
other cluster of different size and hardware configuration? (I mean dows
cloudera manager instantly decide while installing, how to configure Hadoop
depending on the cluster environment?)

Can someone please explain this?

Gaurav Dasgupta

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