I was having the same issue and could find a workaround.

I'm not sure if the problem is with the init script or with the file
/etc/defaults/impala, but the init script looks for a file named 'impalad'.

Renaming /etc/defaults/impala to /etc/defaults/impalad made impala server
start correctly.

On Sunday, January 12, 2014 11:37:30 AM UTC-5, Patrick Ethier wrote:

Using package installed from RPM 1.2.0+cdh5.0.0+0 with version

Impala doesn't seem to start. All I get in the log files is that it can't
connect to the statestore on localhost:24000.

BUT! I supply the IMPALA_STATE_STORE_HOST=hostname in /etc/default/impala
as it states in the docs.

Doing a tcpdump from the box doesn't show any packets leaving the box to
the statestore (and the same on the statestore). I also confirmed, using a
telnet to the statestore that this isn't an iptables issue.

I tried to manually launch impalad with the same results. I exported the
variables below.

IMPALA_SERVER_ARGS=-log_dir=/var/log/impala -state_store_port=24000
-use_statestore -state_store_host=ip-172-19-0-110.aws.internal



HDFS and the hive shell both work fine off this datanode.

Any help appreciated (especially debugging as of this point, asides from
looking at /tmp/impala.ERROR/WARNING/INFO I don't know where to go.

Here's the exact error message, although i didn't find it too insightful..
That localhost "should" be pointing to my statestore IP/host

impalad-main.cc:85] Impalad services did not start correctly, exiting.
Error: Couldn't open transport for localhost:24000(connect() failed:
Connection refused)


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