Chris Adams wrote:

Once upon a time, Joerg Schilling <joerg.schilling@fokus.fraunhofer.de> said:
Note that it is without doubt that ZFS was not derived from the Linux kernel
and thus cannot be a derived work.
All that matters for CentOS is:

1: Red Hat doesn't ship ZFS because of Red Hat's lawyers' interpretation

As this is something that was never backed up with facts, it must be seen as
pure speculation.

If you like to be taken seriously, come up with arguments from these lawyers...

Please let it go. I think everybody here knows your opinion.

Everybody here knows the anti OSS opinion of some RedHat people.

Note that it is a well known fact that there has been never a verifyable
explanation on why there should be a problem. We thus need to see everything
against the explained usability as no more than disinformation politics.

On the other side: as long as this disinformation politics continues, Linux
distros push temselves into a big disatvantage compared to platforms that ship


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