Gordon Messmer wrote:

On 04/27/2015 12:28 PM, Joerg Schilling wrote:
Up to now, nobody could explain me how a mixture of GPL and BSD can be legal as
this would require (when following the GPL) to relicense the BSD code under GPL
in order to make the whole be under GPL.
The GPL doesn't require that you relicense any non-GPL parts of the
whole. It requires that the whole "be licensed ... at no charge to all
third parties under the terms of this License"

  You missread the GPL. Ask a lawyer for help.

The GPL demands (in case you ship binaries and only in this case) no more than
to put the GPL work under GPL and to make anything, needed to re-create
the binary, to be made available under a license that allows redistribution.

See e.g. the book about the GPL from the lawyers of Harald Welte.


See page 85 (PDF page 60) see the lower half of the paragraph numbered "23".

In other words, if you can legally combine BSD code with GPL code, you can do
with GPL and CDDL as well.
No, you can't. Section 6 of the GPL states that "You may not impose any
further restrictions on the recipients' exercise of the rights granted
herein." CDDL however, does contain additional restrictions.

  I recommend you not to repeat false claims from uninformed people.

If you did read the CDDL, you did of course know that the CDDL places "work
limits" at file limits and that the CDDL does not try to impose any
restriction on sources that are not in a file marked as CDDLd. So the CDDL of
course does create any restriction on a GPLd work.

On the other side, the GPL does create restrictions on other sources, but it
just requires other sources (if needed to recreate the shipped binary) to be
shipped together with the GPLd work. The GPL of course does not impose any
further restrictions on _other_ sources under a different license.

Given the fact that the official cdrtools source tarball includes everything to
recreate the binary, everything is legal unless you make unlawful changes to
the original source.

So calm down, read the GPL and the CDDL by your own - repeat this - until you
fully understand both licenses.


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