On Mon, Apr 27, 2015 at 2:28 PM, Joerg Schilling wrote:
"as a whole" means generally BUT allowing for exceptions.
OK, great. That clears it up then.
Maybe this helps:

The BSD license does not permit to relicense the code, so you cannot put BSD
code under the GPL.

Yes, if you mean what is described here as 'the original 4-clause'
license, or BSD-old:

The BSD license permits to mix a source file under BSD license with some lines
under a different license if you document this. But this is not done in all
cases I am aware of.

But you can't add the 'advertising requirement' of the 4-clause BSD to
something with a GPL component because additional restrictions are

Up to now, nobody could explain me how a mixture of GPL and BSD can be legal as
this would require (when following the GPL) to relicense the BSD code under GPL
in order to make the whole be under GPL.

In other words, if you can legally combine BSD code with GPL code, you can do
with GPL and CDDL as well.

You can't do either if you are talking about the BSD-old license
(which also isn't accepted as open source by the OSI). Fortunately,
the owners of the original/official BSD were nice guys and removed the
GPL incompatible clause, with the Revised BSD License being recognized
as both open source and GPL-compatible. But that hasn't - and
probably can't - happen with CDDL, so the only working option is dual

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