Les Mikesell wrote:

On Mon, Apr 27, 2015 at 4:19 PM, Joerg Schilling
Do you like to discuss things or do you like to throw smoke grenades?
The only thing I'd like to discuss is your reason for not adding a
dual license to make your code as usable and probably as ubiquitous as
perl. And you have not mentioned anything about how that might hurt
I explained this to you in vast details. If you ignore this explanation, I
cannot help you.
No, you posted some ranting misconceptions about why you don't see a
need for it. But if you actually believed any of that yourself, then
you would see there was no harm in adding a dual license to make it
clear to everyone else. It clearly has not hurt the popularity of
perl or BSD code to become GPL-compatible, nor has it forced anyone to
use that code only in GPL-compatible ways.

Cdrtools are fully legal as they strictly follow all claims from the related

What problem do you have with fully legal code?

I explained that because cdrtools is legally distributable as is (see legal
reviews from Sun, Oracle and Suse), there is no need to dual license anything.

I also explained that a dual licensed source will cause problems if people send
e.g. a GPL only patch.

If you continue to claim not to have an answer from me, I need to assume that
you are not interested in a serious discussion.

Conclusion: dual licensing is not helpful and it even has disadvantages.


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