On 04/09/2015 11:09 AM, Johnny Hughes wrote:
On 04/09/2015 09:51 AM, Ole Holm Nielsen wrote:
Isn't there a way to open a box for "other user"?
Good point. I never liked the user list anyway. Wonder why the RHEL 7
designers chose to add it?
Likely because it is in Fedora and they did not take it out, and it is
likely the default from the GNOME project as well.

To each, their own preference.
frankly, this blows my mind. not long ago there was a huge kerfuffle
over the change to only allow (as someone defined it 'secure') certain
passwords, requiring numbers, special characters, some minimum length
and that -had to be done- because people didn't use proper passwords and
couldn't be trusted to just use what was appropriate/correct for their

now a completely reverse the position, plain text showing user names to
the world (which has always been considered to be poor security at best)
is just 'yeah, whatever you feel like doing. go ahead.'

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