On 11.01.2015 19:05, Valeri Galtsev wrote:
That sounds like you have collected and counted "votes" pro and
against systemd.
How could it sound like I collected "votes"? I don't care about votes
when it comes to technical superiority.

As far as "advantages" are concerned: I didn't see any compared to
sysvinit or upstart. I don't care that _laptop_ with systemd starts
3 times faster
You are making an excellent job at ignoring my argument.
Again: how do you ensure that your system services are up and running
with sysvinit?

  - it's brilliant when you have to start it right on the
podium few seconds before giving your presentation. However, my
life is more influenced by the servers I maintain.
Than how do you maintain servers with sysvinit?

I can't take this serious as it seems you didn't research any of the
design goals of systemd and any of the shortcomings of old init systems.

kind regards


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