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Yes, unmount the share and error to the client app.

Sounds like you want to have a combination of mounting with the intr flag[1] and use autofs[2] so that the file system is not mounted ALL the time, but not so soft as to loose data all the time. I have seen soft loose data reliably, were in the same environment (and same equipment) hard,intr does not loose data.
My experience is that intr is useful in situations where servers go down/have link issues frequently, and autofs with short timeouts (~15s < timeout <~60s) makes those issues even less _visible_.
It will not get you an automatic unmount of the share and error to the client app in the case of server down, but it will /allow/ you to terminate the client and unmount as needed IIRC.

[1] nfs mounting page with thanks to zGreenfelder
[2] autofs page

On Tue, Nov 12, 2013 at 6:25 PM, John R Pierce wrote:
On 11/12/2013 3:18 PM, Rita wrote:
Is there a tunable to set NFS hard mount time out? For instance, if the
server becomes unavailable for extended amount of time, say 1 hour. I would
like to timeout after 30 secs.
timeout and do what, unmount the share, and error to the client app
thats trying to do a read(),write(),open(),stat(),etc ?

john r pierce 37N 122W
somewhere on the middle of the left coast

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