On Monday 01 July 2013 20:21:41 natxo asenjo wrote:
On 06/26/2013 10:29 PM, Marcelo Roccasalva wrote:
You need a license from HP to access your hard disks... Stupid, but
wow, just, wow. If this is true I will advise against buying any HP
server kit whenever we need to buy new servers.

I don't think it's as bad as it sounds, we're still closer to a feather than a
chicken here.

HP doesn't generally require licenses for using HDDs in a (proliant) server.
There are however at least two situations that do require licenses:

1) B320i (cheap on board fake raid) requires an extra license to use SAS
drives instead of SATA (questionable decision IMO)

2) Raid6 (HP calls it ADG) on most smart array controllers requires SAAP
license (top of the line like p800 excluded).

Licensing functionality does provide consumer flexibility. A company like HP
can develop one version of something (not 10) but still sell it at different
price points depending on enabled functionality.

All that said, licenses to access your raid luns is madness if for no other
reason than that you can end up without your license a few year down the line
(maybe you had to replace the controller and/or system board...).

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