This just verifies that you're playing word games. If you want vi that's
not vim, may I ask which *version* of vi you would consider to be vi - one
from, say, Sun OS 3? Or from the Irix that ran on our Indigo in the
early/mid-nineties? or one from Tru-64 in the late nineties? or were you
insisting on one that ran on a system from the early-to-mid-eighties?
SunOS 3 Vi source not available to the public.
Irix Vi source not available to the public.
Tru-64 Vi source not available to the public.

You currently may have the vi source from aprox. 1979 under a 4 clause BSD license
or the current Solaris vi under the CDDL. The latter was POSIX compliant approved.


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