On Wednesday 23 May 2012 14.23.31 Alan McKay wrote:
Hey folks, ...
I used 'arcconf' to create a big RAID60 out of (see below).

But then I mount it and it is way too small
This should be about 20TB : ...
/dev/sdb1 186G 60M 176G 1% /mnt/J4400-1 ...
Here is how I created it :

./arcconf create 1 logicaldrive name J4400-1-RAID60 max 60 0 0 0 1 0 2 ...
Make 1 big partition :

sfdisk /dev/sdb <<EOF
This is the problem, various filesystems issues are irrelevant. sfdisk only
uses "the old" msdos type partition table and this does not support >2T
devices. It is unfortunate that it lacks proper error checking and warnings...

You should do one of:

1) don't use partitioning (mkfs directly on /dev/sdb)
2) use LVM (pvcreate /dev/sdb ...)
3) use a GPT type partition table (parted /dev/sdb or similar)

After this you'll have to tackle the current 16T limit for ext4 and other
filesystem related oddities..

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